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Venona Wood Joints

Venona Wood Joints

The aesthetically appealing and strong connections with Venona Wood Joints are perfect for creating wooden pillar-beam frames and structures. The pre-fabricated wooden joint components make the construction phase easy and fast, and does not require notable construction skills – main tools are glue and hand-held wooden hammer. The raising of the frame is possible without massive crane equipment, and the metal-free frame is easy to dismantle for later recycling.

The strength of the connections has been tested at the Wood Laboratory of Savonia Polytechnic (download a report on the key measures). The patented Venona Wood Joints work with glue lam, CLT, LVL and Parallam connections.

Meet the Inventor

Ari Kähkönen is originally a wooden boat craftsman. When inventing the Venona Wood Joint he explored ways to improve traditional wooden construction techniques with deep appreciation for aesthetics and construction quality. Mr. Kähkönen is especially interested in traditional Japanese wood working techniques and wood joinery.